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How Square Dancing Affects For Your Healthy Life?
From Medical Views

 Mr. Kozo Aisaka, MD, PhD

A Member of the Chiyoda SDC since 1998

1. Anyone can do this exercise
Square dance is not active sports. It is only walking by CALL. Anyone can start to do it without any special ability and equipment. Itfs very important that anyone can do. When you start some sports, you felt hard because of many preparations.
There are some clubs accepting physically disabled persons, so anyone can enjoy the square dancing.

2. Brain is working during square dancing
It is only walking, but good aerobic exercise because you can walk about 4km per class and over 5km per big party. And it has rules that moving by only CALL (cue), itfs different from other sports.
Which is better only walking or walking with some control? In the later case, you can use your brain so you can exercise of brain with it and prevent dementia.
In the sports (soccer, basketballc), athletes can use more energy against their thinking than usual movement. So, itfs good for health and brain not only usual CALL but against expectation.

3. Left-handed and Right-handed
In many sports, Right-handed person use only right-handed, so right side is more developed than other side. You can understand by watching carefully whose muscle, which is whose side. In general, right-handed person mainly uses left-brain, and left-handed person mainly uses right brain. So, if you have some trouble with left-brain, right-handed person has some trouble of moving and chatting. On this point, Square Dance is good sports not depend on the side but keep balance left and right kind of swimming.
Human body (right-handed) can turn left easier than right. So some sports trucks kind of fields and skating are counterclockwise. This means right-handed person is right-footed and right-footed kick make easier to turn left circle. When you eye-blind you walk on the spot, you may turn to left. It causes by difference power balance between left and right.
During square dancing, the dancers always move to left, ant it may be the reason of the above.

4. From mental viewpoint
People have perverse side, so people sometime resist directions by someone. Anyone has experiences that did opposite when you were said. SD is as same as this, so when caller said directions I felt maddening at first.
Why become pleasure callerfs directions at the SD? Anyone has compliment side so they comply with callerfs directions and they feel satisfactory. Dancers are always afraid of break set, enjoy sense of superiority when they did complete and so on. They feel frustrating when they couldnft dance completely.
SDfs difference point is achievement by 8 dancers so they have more satisfactory than one. Anyone has aspiration, it felt difficult at first but repeat made them easier and they want to try more hard directions.

5. Contact with dancers and caller
Physical contact (skin-ship) effect not only dancers. Caller and dancers are bound. Some clubs donft have their callers so they dance with recorded call, I did with tape but it was not excited and told me respectable dance with real caller voice. So I concern about that caller and dancers have strong Physical contact. Caller always look carefully dance set to construct call, sometimes they stop music and give special lesson for important call,
Dancers affect caller, too. Callers feel happy to see dancers enjoyed, and it makes caller to improve call. These are physical contact with callers and dancers and generate a synergistic effect. Callers produce dancers and dancers produce callers. Chiyoda has many callers, so lucky.
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