About our Regular Dancing Session

 # Beginners Course for the BASIC program
The beginners course for the BASIC program is scheduled between February and June every year. During the period you can learn 49 fundamental movements of the square dance called the BASIC program through our well-experienced callers. About 3/4 of the regular dancing session from 6 to 9 o'clock in the evening every Wednesday throughout the period is allocated to the lesson for the beginning dancer. And while in the sessions the members will be with you as your dancing partner and assistant to practicing. Accordingly the point of how to master the BASIC program is just your attendance to the class.

Consecutively after the BASIC program, you will be able to learn the MAINSTREAM program composed of 17 dancing movements for the months of July and August. The class is held exactly in the same manner with the BASIC program. On finishing the MAINSTREAM program you will be able to have lots of fun at any square dance parties and in September you will find left just more practice for application to the basic dancing positions.

This program is prepared for the dancers with more than a years' experience of square dancing. The applicants to the program must attend the workshop class during the period of February to June , that is, between 9 and 12 o'clock in the morning on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, and following the tenure 7 months of July to January is offered for your leveling up the PLUS dancing. When you are through with the PLUS program, you bet you will certainly be seen at SD parties held over the country or even overseas as veteran and very keen square dancer.

Members of Chiyoda SDC.

Average of attendance year 2019
Wednesday Session MS, P, RD 20 Sets
Sunday Session P 10 Sets

Guest Caller Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story (USA)

With Our Club Menbers at 45th anniversary 29 Oct. 2017

Club Callers of Chiyoda Square Dance Club

S. Nishimura
(Head Caller)
A. Ishihara
T. Hagiwara

Club Cuers of Chiyoda Square Dance Club

H. Asano
A. Yamamoto H.Yamaguchi

Chiyoda SDC's Club Officers for 2012

Title Name E-Mail Phone No.
President Shozo NISHIMURA, Mr. nishimura@happy.email.ne.jp 81-3-3492-1985

If you are outside Japan, then just dial your Overseas Call No., Country Code of Japan (81) and then one of the above Phone No's. You will reach our club officer for more information, or this is very simple, just E-mail for inquiry. In no other than Japanese or English please.

Location of our Regular Dancing Session

Class Main Stream PLUS
Day & Time 6:00PM to9:00PM every Wednesday 9:30AM to noon on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month but may change without notice. Please check at Club officers'.
Name of Site At the Cascade Hall in the Ikiiki Plaze Ichiban-cho
Address 12 Ichibann-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone No. 03-3265-6311
Access to Site In 5-min. walk from No.5 exit at Hanzomon Station of Subway Hanzomon Line or In 5-min. walk from No.5 exit at Koji-machi Station of Subway Yurakucho Line
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